The »Out of Focus« series originated 2008 in the streets of New York City. Since 9/11, it was my first long stay during which I had the opportunity to dive into this city. Even though I arrived without any particular expectations like so many times before, I was overwhelmed by the city's casual vitality, its noise, its energy and its restless, relentless striving. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was looking to capture my impressions through my medium, photography, in a way that would go far beyond mere visual fascination. I needed to find a way, to show more than the superficially visible. This was only possible by moving away from the usual. Most of the information which might help with consuming were omitted on purpose. The thus newly found space must be filled by the viewer. »Out of Focus« asks viewers to use their senses.


These photographs are authentic and precisely planned in full frame.


In the meantime »Out of Focus« has become an inherent part of my work. To me this concept unfolds its strength not just in the streets of New York, but in other places as well, places which have more to tell than the merely obvious.

new york city  /  22 works

found nudity  /  10 works

Sommerfrische  /  9 works

Seewärts  /  12 works

Das weite Land  /  10 works

time to face gravity  /  5 works

colonizing  /  5 works

Seestücke  /  4 works

sunday afternoon  /  6 works

remember the youth  /  5 works

Based in Hamburg / Germany.


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